Snowboard Bindings That Instantly Convert Into Snowshoes

Convert binding

If you are a snowboarder, heading into the backcountry requires either a split board or lots of postholing. To get around having to buy a whole new gear setup just to ride outside of the resort, Ross Snow Tech founder, Alex Swaynie, worked with a team of engineers at Link to make that transition easier — both physically and financially.

After years of designing, engineering, and testing, the team created Convert — a snowboard binding that converts into a snowshoe for ascending hills out of bounds.

The Convert leverages technologies usually found in satellites, to enable a tool free transition from snowshoe flotation to “strapping in” in 60 seconds or less, without loose hardware. The transition from binding to snowshoe takes only a handful of quick and easy steps.

First, you release the highback to fold flat behind the heel. Then, sash levers on either side unfold and release the binding from the mounting bracket on your board. Once the binding is free from the board, the toe extension folds out from beneath the base plate and locks into place. You now have a snowshoe.

There is no additional equipment necessary to instantly get you through deep powder or through a traverse. The mounting bracket is compatible with any board using the traditional 4×4 binding configuration.

Ross Snow Tech will start taking pre-orders through a Kickstarter campaign later this year. The plan is for the Convert to retail for around $600-$650. There will also be an option to add on crampons for more serious terrain.

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