MSR Debuts New Ultralight Snowshoe Binding

MSR Paragon

For Fall 2019, MSR gets set to introduce a new single-strap, mesh snowshoe binding that is comfortable, ultralight, and secure. The Paragon Binding is engineered to be the most intuitive and effective snowshoe binding available to winter adventurers.

The one-piece, mesh top strap of the Paragon Binding conforms to a variety of boot styles and sizes from womens’ size 5 to mens’ size 13. The toe strap is contoured to create a glove-like hold free of pressure points, and offers fast, easy foot alignment. The mesh’s variable thickness optimizes strength and flex, providing a secure fit without painful pressure points on the foot.

“Security and comfort shouldn’t be complicated,” says Sarah Courtney, Winter Category Manager at MSR. “While other snowshoe manufacturers are adding bulky and rigid features to their snowshoe bindings, MSR is stripping the Paragon to the pure essence of comfort and foot control.”

Inspired by alpine crampons, the martensite steel crampon on the Paragon transfers weight directly from your boots into steep, icy inclines for secure and confident footing. For tool-free maintenance, stainless steel twist-on fittings connect the mesh top strap to the binding’s steel toe cup, allowing for quick release and replacement. The durable, freeze-proof TPU mesh sheds snow and water, while retaining strength and flexibility in extreme cold, all in an ultralight pack-flat design.

After nearly three years of research, design, 3D printing, field testing, and iterative improvements at MSR’s Seattle headquarters, MSR will begin manufacturing the Paragon Snowshoe Binding in the USA in 2019. All MSR snowshoes have been built at the manufacturer’s Seattle factory headquarters since 1995, allowing greater control over product quality and the environmental impacts of manufacturing processes.

The Paragon Binding will come standard on the MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe ($319.95) and the Revo Ascent Snowshoe ($259.95) starting September 2019. The Lightning Ascent Snowshoes will be available in Cobalt Blue and Raspberry. The Revo Ascent Snowshoes will be available in Olive and Dark Cyan.

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