MSR Brings Its Quality Design to Family-Style Tents

MSR Habitude

Back in April, I traveled to MSR headquarters in Seattle to check out some top-secret new line of tents. Called the Habitude, these huge family-style tents make use of the same high-quality, bomber MSR design that you have come to rely on in all of their backpacking and mountaineering tents.

MSR took a look at the market and realized they were losing loyal customers during the years they have small children. If you are a parent with a young family, it’s not quite that easy to get away for a long backpacking, bikepacking, or climbing trip, but you still want to get outdoors on the weekend or vacation and bring the family along for the adventure.

MSR’s ultra-durable standing-height Habitude Tent Series was built with families in mind. Designed specifically for adventurous parents seeking to share their love of the outdoors with their children, the Habitude Tent Series is the most durable and performance-driven standing-height shelter available on the market.

“The Habitude Tent Series is the ideal home base for raising pint-sized explorers,” says Terry Beaux, Shelter Category Manager at MSR. “The modern outdoor family needs a tent with all the qualities of their favorite backpacking tent, all the comforts necessary to raise mini adventurers, and the durability to last as the tent is passed down through the generations.”

Like all MSR tents, the new Habitude Tent Series is engineered for performance and can withstand all that nature throws at it in challenging environments like sand, wind, and rain.

Habitude Tent

Families know that reliable gear that features a few creature comforts makes camping with kids even more enjoyable. The Habitude Tent Series includes family-friendly features like an expansive, roomy standing-height interior that allows everyone to stand up to change and move about comfortably. Gear pockets and hang hooks for each occupant help keep all the gadgets and accessories tucked away. The giant doorway allows for easy access with loads of duffels. And the novel integrated porch light illuminates the entryway at night.

While the Habitude Series is family-friendly, it’s also kid-proof: Durable, oversized, smooth-glide stainless steel zippers stand up to abuse from children’s hands, sand, and dirt. Zippers take the greatest brunt on tents, which is why MSR reinforced this component of the tent with burly zippers, designed specifically for MSR. Durable materials ensure that the tent can be passed down through the generations.

Available in four- and six-person models, one person (with or without a small helper) can quickly and easily set up the freestanding tent with its hubbed poles and large, color-coded pole clips. Three 7000 series aluminum poles create super-sturdy pole geometry with strength and rigidity in high winds.

The four-person Habitude ($499.95) weighs 12 pounds and offers a roomy 62.4 square feet of floor space with an additional 23.5 square feet of vestibule space. With an internal peak height of 73 inches, most everyone can fully stand up inside.

The six-person Habitude ($599.95) weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces and offers 83 square feet of floor space with an additional 24.5 square feet of vestibule space. The internal peak height of 77 inches means even your tallest NBA player could stand up inside.

The Habitude Tent Series will start shipping in February 2020.

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