New Speed-Related Valves For All Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pads

NeoAir Topo

A few years ago, Therm-a-Rest introduced their SpeedValve which takes advantage of Bernoulli’s Principle of fluid dynamics to fill the sleeping pad with 2-3 times fewer breaths — blowing into the SpeedValve creates a pressure differential that draws in surrounding air to fill the mattress fast and with less effort. Whether it was design issues or patent issues, Therm-a-Rest refrained from rolling the SpeedValve out across all their sleeping pads

For 2020, however, the brand gets set to introduction of two completely new speed-related valves, the WingLock and TwinLock, making inflation and deflation easier and quicker than before. The new valves will be featured on the full line of Therm-a-Rest’s sleeping pads, including the brand-new NeoAir Topo Luxe and Topo, two more comfort-oriented backpacking pads.

It took over two years and hundreds of prototypes for Therm-a-Rest’s team of engineers and designers to perfect the new valves. The WingLock uses a large one-way valve for three times faster inflation, while the deflation ‘wings’ open the one-way valve to deflate your pad twice as fast as Therm-a-Rest’s classic valve. The TwinLock valve, for Therm-a-Rest’s larger pads, utilizes two one-way valves, a one-way inflation valve and a one-way deflation valve, that allows for five times faster deflation.

In addition to the new valves, Therm-a-Rest is introducing two new pads to its Trek & Travel line of comfortable, packable pads for the backcountry. The 4-inch thick NeoAir Topo Luxe, the thickest NeoAir ever made, offers extra comfort thanks to the Triangular Core Matrix technology — two stacked layers of triangular baffles that create a stable sleep surface while minimizing heat loss. The Topo Luxe packs down to fit in your backpack and features the new TwinLock valve to make inflation and deflation a breeze.

The cush, 3-inch thick Topo pad comes in at a more approachable price point and uses Therm-a-Rest’s Wavecore construction — a single layer of horizontal wave baffles that slow heat loss without adding bulk. Both pads weigh 1 pound 7 ounces (size regular). The Topo Luxe has an R-value of 3.7 and the Topo has an R-value of 2.3.

The new sleeping pads as well as the new valves will start hitting shelves next spring.

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