Kammok Launches New Ultralight Hammock Setup in Time for Thru-Hike Season

Roo Single UL

Thru-hiking season is just around the corner and choosing your shelter is a critical preparation step. Following on the heels of their Mantis and Mantis Ultralight all-in-one sleep systems launch, Kammok gets set to release an ultralight version of their popular Roo hammock system that will be perfect on the trail.

The Roo Single UL hammock weighs just 5.6 ounces compared to 10 ounces for the current Roo Single hammock. With the lighter weight fabric, the Roo Single UL features a 300 pound weight capacity, 100 pounds less than the regular Roo, but still plenty for your average hiker. The ultralight hammock will retail for $89, but you can pre-order it as of today for $75.

To go with an ultralight hammock, you need ultralight straps. The Python 10 UL straps weigh less than 3 ounces. The straps retail for $39 and you can pre-order them for $35.

The last product in the ultralight line-up is the Kuhli UL tarp. Weighing just 13.8 ounces, its tapered, hexagonal design provides complete coverage for hammock or ground campers, while cutting unnecessary weight. The ultralight tarp retails for $129 with a $110 pre-order price.

All in, you are looking at just over 22 ounces or 1.4 pounds for your backpacking shelter. Not bad for a versatile sleep system.

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