Kammok Sunda Tent Hammock

Kammok Sunda

If you enjoy playing outdoors in a variety of landscapes and styles, it can be difficult to get away with owning just one shelter. To help match your shelter needs to the available terrain, Kammok create the Sunda that gives your four unique shelters in one: a 2-person tent, hammock, ultra-light shelter, and minimalist hammock.

First and foremost, the Sunda is a freestanding 2-person tent. Stretching to 8 feet 4 inches long and 4 feet 2 inches wide, you get 35-square-feet of living space with peak height of 40 inches that extends the full 8-foot length of the tent.

Two large vestibules and crawl through doors eliminate the ‘rock-paper-scissors’ scramble for best sleep spot; and you get an additional 6.25-square-feet (12.5-square-feet total) of vestibule space for gear storage.

The tent fly is made from a fabric called Lumos that from the inside, amplifies the light from your headlamp or lantern. On the outside, it reflects and blocks both IR and VL rays from the sun to keep your tent cooler inside during the day and also help you sleep in a bit even after the sun has come up.

Design details include 9 internal gear hanging loops, 6 storage pockets — two of which diffuse light for more ambiance, two doors plus two windows at either end.

When you don’t want to sleep on the ground and have some trees available, the Sunda converts to a one-person, all-in-one hammock shelter. Further more, in hammock only mode, you can have the mesh hang underneath for easy ‘lounge mode’ access, or you can engage the ridgeline and attached the no-see-um mesh above you for ‘jungle mode’.

Or if you are planning a fast and light multi-day trek, use the fly, poles, and footprint (included) to make an ultralight shelter. You can also use it as a sun shelter at the beach.

Kammok is currently taking pre-orders for the Sunda over on Kickstarter. For $299, the tent hammock could be yours — delivery isn’t expected until next summer, however.

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