Saving the Planet, One Beer at a Time

Long Root Ale

In their latest quest to transform the food chain into something more sustainable, Patagonia Provisions teamed up with Portland-based Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) to create an organic beer made from old school grains. Long Root Ale uses Kernza — a perennial grain ideally suited for organic regenerative agriculture, a practice that restores soil biodiversity, sequesters carbon and grows crops all without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Kernza’s long roots and perennial growth allow it to thrive without pesticides. It also uses less water than conventional wheat, and helps to reduce erosion and removes more carbon from the atmosphere than annual grains. And it just so happens to make delicious beer.

A refreshing pale ale, Long Root Ale is made with organic two-row barley, organic yeast and a blend of organic Northwest hops, resulting in a beer with resinous, grapefruit hop aromas and flavor and a balanced maltiness. The addition of 15 percent Kernza adds a slight spiciness to the dry, crisp finish. Long Root Ale represents the first commercial use of Kernza.

Beer holds a critical role in society and history. It is the center of many tables, uniting us with its common language,” notes Birgit Cameron, Sr. Director of Patagonia Provisions. “All it takes is a small tweak in the way we make our beer to effect big change – we are hoping this message reaches the big brewers of the world.”

Patagonia Provisions chose Hopworks Urban Brewery to create Long Root Ale due to its strong commitment to organics and sustainable brewing practices. Hopworks, experts in organic beer, is a B Corporation and is on a mission to revolutionize the brewing industry for the better.

Long Root Ale is available in 16 oz. cans in Whole Foods Market locations in California, Oregon and Washington. In addition, select Whole Foods Market bar-restaurants and both Hopworks locations will serve the beer on draft, as will the Miir Flagship Store in Seattle.

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