Montbell’s New Ultralight Sleeping Bag Technology

Montbell Insulation Technology

Montbell has teamed up with Hong Kong based company Insotect to incorporate their new FlowGate Insulation technology into the Spiral Down Hugger line of ultralight sleeping bags. Thanks to Insotect, tent life will become even more bearable with not only a flexible, ultralight sleeping bag but an extra warm one too. 

Montbell's Spiral Down Hugger bags utilize a diagonal baffle design which improves stretch but results in a longer than normal baffle tube. This increase in length typically means an increase in down shifting within that baffle tube. 

Insotect's FlowGate technology prevents down from shifting through the stabilization of the down across the long tube, holding the down in place to maintain a uniform heat distribution. FlowGate uses swinging gates and the positive pressure created by the insulation fill to virtually lock the insulation in place.  

The thermal channels between the gates eliminate cold spots and enhance the rapid transfer and uniform distribution of your body heat over the entire length of the ultralight sleeping bag. FlowGate technology also allows for the reduction in baffle material requirements giving you a lighter weight bag compared to conventional baffle systems. This will make the Spiral Down Hugger ultralight sleeping bags theoretically warmer while even more ultralight. 

Look for the new insulation technology in the 2010/2011 versions of the Spiral Down Hugger ultralight sleeping bag. 


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