A Look At Outdoor Gear In Japan

Columbia Sportswear Japan

While in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to visit a bunch of different outdoor gear stores—both those owned by individual brands as well as one of the biggest outdoor stores, L-Breath, right near Shinjuku train station. I have always been fascinated by the different styles and products on offer for the Japanese market. There is definitely a closer relationship between urban and outdoor here and much like the Europeans, the Japanese are not afraid of color. Or outrageous mix and match patterns. And fanny packs. So many fanny packs.

I took a bunch of photos of the fun gear that I saw—hope you enjoy.

The North Face
The North Face Purple Label collection is exclusive to Japan and the company partners with many local designers for offshoot urban collections.
Swiss company Freitag is huge in Japan.
Lessons in Yama Girl dressing from Montbell.
Uniqlo is at the forefront of fashion meets outdoor, plaid shirts and all. $30 puffy coat anyone?
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