SealSkinz Halo Overshoes

SealSkinz bike overshoes

Unveiled at Interbike a couple of weeks ago, the new Halo line of overshoes from SealSkinz not only keep your feet warm and dry on the bike, but now pack a punch in the visibility department. The first bike overshoes on the market (at least that I have seen) with a built-in LED light, the Halo will be sure to mesmerize and alert both drivers and fellow bike commuters.

To create the new Halo Overshoes, SealSkinz basically took the existing Neoprene Overshoe and Lightweight Overshoe, then added an LED light to the heel. This easy to access, battery-operated light provides enough illumination to make sure you’re noticeable while riding—in general the light is designed to be visible up to 200 meters away at dusk.

The LED light operates in three modes: slow flash, fast flash and steady. Reflective piping on the zipper adds further visibility—the zipper is now moved to the side instead of at the back to accommodate the LED light and battery.

Pair these with a sweet turn signal bike jacket that you built yourself and you will be the envy of everyone on the road. Leah Buechley created a tutorial for making your own turn signal jacket—it has a button on each sleeve for activating the turn signals on the back panel. If interested, you can find her full directions here.

Although a bit gimmicky, every little bit of extra visibility helps—especially when riding through the dark days of winter.

The SealSkinz Halo Overshoes line will retail for $70 and start shipping in December.

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