Pavlock Jolts You Into Forming A New Habit

Meet Pavlock—the first wearable device that not only tracks your daily habits, but actually helps you to change your behavior for the better. Whether you want to form new good habits or break old bad ones, Pavlock literally shocks you into taking action.

Pavlok is different from the rest of the wearables out there mainly because of its capability to not only remind you to do something, but provide immediate punishment for slacking off by giving you an electric shock on your skin. The shock is not designed to be excruciating—it is a mild jolt that captures your attention and helps build in a reinforcement response.

Studies conducted by Duke University and others revealed that 45 percent of what we do every day is habitual, performed almost without thinking in the same location or at the same time each day, usually because of subtle cues. Most cues fall into four broad categories: a specific location or time of day, a certain series of actions, particular moods, or the company of specific people.

With Pavlok and the accompanying app, you choose what you want to accomplish. Pavlok will then break down your goal into easy, manageable actions and each day, push you to stay on track by delivering cues to get you going and if needed, a little shock motivation. The company believes this little extra motivation is the key to forming a long lasting good habit or ditching your old bad ones.

Pavlok is much more than just a wristband—it’s an entire ecosystem of apps that link with the physical device to help you achieve any conceivable goal—from positive habit change (e.g. forming the habit of exercising) to eradicating a negative habits (e.g. over-indulging social media). The company created 3 applications to start: Wake Up, Productive, and Fit.

Wake Up uses the built in vibration technology gently lure you out of sleep after a predetermined amount of time, when your body is in it’s lightest stage of sleep and you’re least likely to feel groggy. But ignore it, and you’ll receive just enough of a jolt to get you up and running.

Fit uses the wristband/application interface to create leverage through social penalties, accountability, and rewards. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing the wristband — once you commit to your fitness habit, Pavlok ecosystem will track where you are, and what you’re doing—then encourage you to do even better (or else…).

Pavlock is taking pre-orders for the device ($149) through Indiegogo. Expected delivery is May 2015.

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