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Measure Your Hydration Level in Real-Time


Wearables company BSX Technologies announced today that it plans to tackle America’s most underestimated health problem – chronic dehydration – with a wrist-based fitness tracker that accurately measures your real-time hydration levels. LVL (pronounced “Level”) is the first ever wearable fitness device to accurately measure hydration, as well as heart rate, sleep quality, activity, calories and mood, in real-time using a smart sensor with patented red light technology.

AMPY Move Wearable Motion Charger

Ampy Move

As we ski, walk, run, hike, or ride pretty much every day, why not harness all of that energy expenditure and put it to good use somewhere else? AMPY Move transforms the kinetic energy from all your motion throughout the day into power for your phone or other devices.

Moov Now Activity Tracker + Personal Coach

Moov Now

Yesterday, Moov released their second generation wearable–the Moov Now. Smaller (28 mm diameter), lighter (6 grams vs 8 grams), and more breathable than the Moov Classic, this new device is meant to be worn all day and night, not just during your workouts.

Prana Tracks Your Breathing and Posture

Prana Wearable

Last week, San Francisco based Prana announced they are entering the wearables market. With a device that continually tracks your breath and posture, Prana now looks to improve your health and well-being beyond counting calories and steps.

Pavlock Jolts You Into Forming A New Habit

Meet Pavlock—the first wearable device that not only tracks your daily habits, but actually helps you to change your behavior for the better. Whether you want to form new good habits or break old bad ones, Pavlock literally shocks you into taking action.

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