AMPY Move Wearable Motion Charger

Ampy Move

As we ski, walk, run, hike, or ride pretty much every day, why not harness all of that energy expenditure and put it to good use somewhere else? AMPY Move transforms the kinetic energy from all your motion throughout the day into power for your phone or other devices.

AMPY Move is a wearable about the size of a deck of cards and weighs as much as your phone. Two inductors inside the device transform your movement into usable power that is stored in the 1800 mAh battery. This battery size gives you enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 6.

Any type of up and down motion works best to maximize energy production within AMPY Move. Use the accessories to strap the wearable below your knee for cycling, on your arm or leg while running, or clipped to your waist when you walk. Even clip AMPY Move to your dog to generate power from all their running around. The form is designed to match the curves of your body and the finish is sweat-proof and soft to the touch.

AMPY Move can charge anything that connects via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. These include micro-USB, Apple Lightning, and other proprietary charging adapters. Your devices will charge just as fast as from any wall outlet and you can also use the AMPY Move just like any other battery backup and charge it from the wall to take with you when traveling or outdoors.

Even if you don’t use AMPY Move, it’s kind of fun to download the free AMPY+ app that looks at your activity level to track how much power you could be generating each day. According to the company, one hour of exercise equates to roughly one hour of phone use or 5 hours on standby.

AMPY Move retails for $99 or $129 as part of a package with attachment accessories.

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