Prana Tracks Your Breathing and Posture

Prana Wearable

Last week, San Francisco based Prana announced they are entering the wearables market. With a device that continually tracks your breath and posture, Prana now looks to improve your health and well-being beyond counting calories and steps.

The Prana wearable is a small disc-shaped device (1.25 x 0.25-inches) that clips to your waistband. Using a 3-axis accelerometer and a set of proprietary algorithms, the device measures your breathing patterns and can also tell if you’re slouching (hopefully not by measuring the size of your muffin top).

Prana App

The device works in two different modes: passive and active. In passive mode, it simply monitors your breathing patterns throughout the day. If you start shallow breathing or to breath irregularly, the accompanying app on your phone will send you an alert telling you to take a break for a three-minute training session. The Prana device connects to your phone via Bluetooth (iOS and Android).

In active mode, you can work on your chest and belly breathing or increase the amount of air you inhale, all with a unique focus of de-stressing, winding down, or even getting an energy boost. The training exercises are all taken from established disciplines such as Yoga Pranayama, Tai Chi, and Buteyko.

The Prana device runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will last up to 7 days. The wearable retails for $150 and will start shipping in January 2015.

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