American Hiking Society Trail Map iPhone Application

American Hiking Society iPhone GPS Trail Map

In preparation for National Trails Day, the American Hiking Society has teamed up with Intermap to launch the new HIKE GPS trail map iPhone application. Priced at just $9.99, the application gives you free access to over 300 recreational trail map bundles with a portion of the proceeds going to support hiking advocacy, volunteer programs and outreach to communities. 

The Hike GPS iPhone application is your one-stop trail guide with over 5 million square miles worth of trail maps. You can download an entire national park, national forest or other special recreation area straight to your iPhone. The best part of the application is that the trail map is embedded on your phone so you don't have to rely on AT&T coverage in the backcountry in order to gain access. 

From the Map Store, you can choose, at no additional costs, from 220,000 miles of trails, thousands of trailheads, campgrounds and picnic areas of the parks and recreation areas across the US. You can also download base terrain maps as part of State bundles for anywhere in the US (excluding Alaska).

The HIKE GPS iPhone application lets you record an unlimited number of tracks and waypoints. Any pictures you take along your hike will be geo-coded, linked to the track and displayed in the location where they were taken. 

Other application features include real time elevation profiles and display of common travel statistics. Once you are home, you can easily upload your day's adventure directly from the HIKE GPS app to Facebook or email for viewing in Google Maps or Google Earth. 

The HIKE GPS iPhone application is much cheaper in the long run than Intermap's own AccuTerra app as they charge from $1.99 to $5.99 for each set of trail maps. The Map Candy app by Intermap on the other hand is pretty much the same as the HIKE GPS app (and costs the same) but you would be passing up the opportunity to support the American Hiking Society.  

So help the American Hiking Society ensure hiking trails and natural places are cherished and preserved for us and future generations by downloading the HIKE GPS iPhone application for your summer adventures. 

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