Mad Fiber Carbon Road Wheels

Mad Fiber Carbon Road Wheels

New cycling company Mad Fiber is getting ready to launch their revolutionary carbon road wheels. Rather than using carbon fiber to replicate metal wheel components, the company has instead optimized road wheel design to realize the maximum potential of carbon fiber. 

Mad Fiber was started by Ric Hjertberg, Max Kismarton and Russ Riggins, all united in their quest to advance wheel technology and performance. The team wanted to create a set of road wheels that featured a combination of light weight, aerodynamics, and reliability to give you that performance edge over your competition come race day. 

Not satisfied with the way carbon fiber is used in wheels today, the Mad Fiber team created several new, patent pending processes and designs. Instead of striving to replicate extruded metal rims, Mad Fiber rims are built from three distinct pieces: two sidewalls and a tire seat. This particular design results in increased strength and decreased weight.

The Mad Fiber road wheels use carbon spokes, built and connected to both the hub and rim in a way that maximizes the benefit of carbon. Instead of creating a hole in the rim to attach the spokes, the wide carbon spokes are bonded to both the rim walls and the flanges. This eliminates the issue of spoke hole drilling/reinforcing and spreads wheel load over a broad area, increasing strength and aerodynamic benefit while decreasing weight. 

The road wheels have 60mm (front) and 66mm (rear) deep rims, carbon fiber bladed spokes (12 in front, 18 in rear) and narrow flange spacing. Weighing just 1085 grams, the wheels achieve a high level of aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining strength, rigidity and durability. 

Mad Fiber gave the public a sneak peak of the road wheels at the Amgen Tour of California this weekend before they will become commercially available this summer. The Mad Fiber carbon road wheels will retail for $2599 and include skewers, wheel bags, cork brake shoes and valve extenders. 


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