Lock For Your Bike Helmet

Bike Helmet Lock

Tired of having to carry your bike helmet around with you when meet someone for coffee or head into the grocery store for some shopping? Now you can leave your helmet behind, attached securely to your bike with The Helmet Lock.  

Using the bike helmet lock is very easy. Simply pull the big loop through one of the vents in your helmet. The large metal stopper on the other end of the loop is too big to pass through the vent so keeps the lock in place. Slip the top of the loop through your U-Lock and now you can leave your helmet securely with your bike. 

The bike helmet lock can be stored on your U-Lock by slipping both loops onto the U-Lock stem and storing your bike lock as usual. The Helmet Lock is made from high security wire cabling so can't easily be cut or removed. 

The lock costs only $9.95 and can be purchased from the company website. 

Check out The Helmet Lock creator Blake's video below. Just goes to show you can leave your helmet safely behind with your bike but you can't easily get rid of the helmet hair! 

(via GetOutdoors) 

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