SansBug Mosquito Free Pop Up Tent

SansBug pop up mosquito tent

If you are looking for a shelter this summer that will keep those pesky mosquitoes and creepy crawlers at bay, then the new SansBug pop up tent is for you. Lightweight and incredibly simply to assemble, the SansBug tent protects you from the annoyances of the outdoors while letting you enjoy the best of the outdoors.

The SansBug pop up tent requires basically no assembly. Simply remove the tent from the protective case, unhook the strap and the tent will untwist and pop up into shape. When finished, twist the tent back into the original disc form and pop it back in the protective case. 

The pop up tent features include an oversized, single-zip, easy-access entry with freestanding walls made of durable polyester mesh and a tough polyethylene flooring. The tent comes with two pegs on either end for extra stability in windy weather and a water resistant carrying case that will keep your tent safe during transport. Instead of using steel rods, the SansBug uses fiberglass poles to thwart corrosion and boost portability and durability.

You can choose from three generous tent sizes designed for single, double or triple occupancy. The one person pop up tent folds down to a 27 inch disc and weighs just 2.5 pounds while the three person tent folds down to a 34 inch disc and weighs only 4.4 pounds. 

You can purchase your SansBug pop up tent from the website and prices range from $34.99 for the one person tent to $48.99 for the three person tent.


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