Light & Motion Commuter Tail And Bike Helmet Light

Light & Motion Commuter Bike Helmet Light

Monterey, CA bike light company Light & Motion has just added two new bike lights to their commuter range: the Vis 180 bike tail light and the Vis 360 bike helmet light. After much research into what bike commuters actually need, the company was determined to create a commuter line with improved functionality and safety features. 

The Vis 360 is a helmet mounted system that includes both a front light and tail light. With 110 lumens out the front, 4 lumens out the back and amber side lighting on both lights, the helmet bike light gives you true 360 degree visibility. The visibility is also high up, in the line of sight of drivers, for increased personal safety.

A thin coiled wire connects the front and tail lights, which easily snap on and off the compact mounting system on your helmet. Featherlight at just 135 grams, the bike helmet light places the majority of the weight at the back on your neck so you don't feel any pressure or lose maneuverability.  

The Vis 360 runs off of a single cell Lithium-ion battery located in the tail light. The bike helmet light offers 2.5 hours of run time on high, roughly 5 hours on low, and even longer on flash mode. The battery is rechargeable by micro USB and takes about 4 to 4.5 hours to recharge fully. 

The Vis 180 is a 35 lumens bike tail light which is supposedly ten times the output of other tail lights on the market today. Three red LEDs, 2 amber side lights and a unique beam pattern ensure you will be seen by cars behind as well as adjacent to you. A tool less mount with pivot locking systems allows the bike tail light to be mounted at just the perfect angle on your seat post or seat stay. The Vis 180 even comes ready to clip onto your messenger bag or saddle bag.

The Vis 360 bike helmet light will retail for $169 and the Vis 180 bike tail light for $99

(via cyclingnews)

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