Pterosail Recumbent Trike With Sail

Pterosail recumbent trike and sailing system 

Now you can combine two of your favorite past times, sailing and cycling, into one recreational activity with the Pterosail. Blending the comfort of a recumbent trike with the pleasure of sailing, the Pterosail is a completely street legal and fun way to get around. 

The patented Pterosail sailing system uses a self-tacking jib sail placed forward of the rider and low to the ground for increased stability. The Automatic Sheet Management (ASM) system takes all the guess work out of sailing, allowing anyone to use the Pterosail with no previous sailing experience required. 

At the heart of the ASM system is a continuously recoiling sheet (line). To accelerate and use the wind, you simply tension the sheet while steering with the other hand. To slow down, you simply release the tension. 

The Pterosail can be used with or without the sailing system. The sail is easily set up and broken down within minutes. The sailing system consists of twin, two-piece carbon composite masts and two-piece carbon composite boom arms. A separate marine grade transportation bag is offered for storing of the sail and carbon composite. 

To showcase the Pterosail recumbent trike and sailing system, the company plans to sail and cycle across the US this summer, starting in July. For their journey, they have equipped the trike with a solar panel and battery to both power their gadgets along the way as well as offer some pedal assist during a headwind, up hills or when the wind subsides. 

You can own your own Pterosail recumbent trike and sailing system for only $5499.

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