Schoeller’s Inzectic Repels Ticks And Mosquitos

Schoeller Inzectic bug repellent finish 

Schoeller's new Inzectic fabric finishing technology will help protect you from mosquitoes and ticks while enjoying the outdoors. The Inzectic bug repellent finish appears to be Schoeller's response to the growing popularity of Insect Shield, a nature-based bug repellent technology that has been adopted by many major outdoor brands. 

Inzectic bug repellent works by immobilizing ticks when they come into contact with the treated fabric. Immobilized ticks are supposedly prone to die, rendering them harmless. The treated fabric also significantly decreases the number of mosquitoes that land on you, resulting in less bites. 

The Inzectic bug repellent finish is supposedly safe for your skin as it is applied only to the outer surface of the garment. A special binding system ensures that the bug repellent is firmly anchored to the fabric surface and will be retained even after frequent washing. 

Since Inzectic is based on Schoeller's 3XDRY technology, it is not only bug repellent but highly water repellent as well. Inzectic also actively pulls moisture from the inside of the fabric to the outside for evaporation and aid in cooling.  

Schoeller has tested the safety and bug repellent nature of Inzectic at laboratories across Switzerland and Germany with positive results. No details on what exactly goes into the finishing technology but I would probably feel a bit more comfortable wearing the EPA registered Insect Shield. I guess it's no worse than covering yourself in DEET. 

Expect to see some of the major outdoor brands adopting Inzectic bug repellent finish into their Spring/Summer 2011 lineups.

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