Dublin Dog No Stink Waterproof Dog Collar Review

Our next door neighbors decided to buy Lola and her boyfriend Buckeye matching camo dog collars from Dublin Dog. The company is famous for their All-Style-No-Stink waterproof dog collars and let me tell you, if you have a dog that loves to get wet and muddy, these are the "dog's boll***s" as the English would say. 

The Dublin Dog waterproof dog collars are solid and tough. The collars are created from a special blend of polymers that are nonporous and 100% waterproof. This means, unlike normal nylon fabric dog collars, these rubber like collars will not harbor any odor-causing bacteria. So no more stinky collars!  

Wherever Lola and I go to hike or play, she immediately makes a beeline for the mud or water. She gets wet and dirty everyday, not to mention covered in dog slobber from her daily wrestling matches. Normally, her collar, leash and harness STINK after a couple of days (not too mention her) and I have to run them through the wash with a little bleach. 

waterproof dog collar Dublin Dog

We have gone through probably 4-5 nylon dog collars in the past year as they need to be washed regularly and eventually break down or fade. Not the Dublin Dog collar though! This sturdy collar will probably be around for years and to clean, you simply run it under some water with a little soap and voila, you have a brand new looking dog collar.

The Dublin Dog collars come in various cute styles such as daisies, stripes, four leaf clovers and a rad looking argyle/skull combo. These designs are molded into the collar itself. In addition to great designs, Dublin Dog pays attention to the small details such as including small engravings on the buckle and leash ring.

Dublin Dog waterproof dog collar

To handcraft the waterproof dog collars, the company starts with a steel form and hand-injects a special blend of liquid polymers into the lowest grooves. They then put the collar through a special heater and inject the next layer of polymer. This process is repeated until each layer is embedded into the others, creating one, unified dog collar piece. 

The Dublin Dog waterproof dog collars retail for around $20 and can be bought online or from various pet supply stores across the country. 

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