Waterproof, No-Stink, Jingle-Free Collar For Your Dog

Ruffwear Headwater No-Stink Dog Collar

Living with a Labrador Retriever means dealing with water, mud, and sometimes even worse on a daily basis. Whether it be swimming, hiking in the rain, or sticking her face in the mud, Lola is wet and dirty most of the time. Waterproof dog collars have been a savior, as not only are they easy to clean, but they eliminate the stink. 

Up until now, we have been big fans of the waterprooof, no-stink collars from Dublin Dog. With a variety of fun patterns and colors, the collars are created from a special blend of polymers that are nonporous and 100% waterproof, eliminating the accumulation of any odor-causing bacteria.

The new Ruffwear Headwater waterproof dog collar follows the same principle. However, Ruffwear uses a coated webbing material that is extremely lightweight and flexible. The Dublin Dog collars feel heavy and rigid in comparison, although the company has just released a lighter and thinner version of their original dog collar, perhaps in response to feedback on the weight.

Riffwear Headwater waterproof dog collar

The Ruffwear Headwater collar features a reflective pattern to help with visibility when you are out for your early morning and late evening walks. A lightweight buckle and simple length adjuster make it easy to get the perfect fit on your dog. 

By far the best design element on this waterproof dog collar is the absolutely brilliant, why didn't anyone think of it sooner, separation of the tag and leash rings. Both Lola and I are overjoyed that she no longer jingles constantly from the leash clip banging into her tag as she walks. A small silicone tag silencer further helps to reduce jingle for those dogs with multiple tags.  

The Ruffwear Headwater waterproof dog collar comes in 4 different colors to match your dog's personality and retails for $30. 

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