A Backpacking Pot That Generates Electricity

Powerpot Electricity Generator

The PowerPot is an outdoor cooking pot that doubles as a portable electric generator. While camping or backpacking, you won't have to depend on solar energy or carrying a load of batteries to keep your gadgets going. Instead, simply charge them up as you boil water for coffee or cook your meals.

The PowerPot works off the principle of thermoelectric power generation to take the heat from your cooking and turn it into electricity. A thermoelectric plate is attached to the bottom of the backpacking pot. A regulator cord plugs into the backside of the PowerPot, with three feet of flame-resistant cabling leading to a USB plug. 

To use the outdoor cooking pot, simply pour in water, place the pot on your backpacking stove or over an open fire, and plug in whatever device you want to charge. Charging of your device will commence within seconds. You could also use the PowerPot to top up your portable battery pack to then later use to charge all of your gadgets. 

PowerPot V

Two pot models, the PowerPot V and PowerPot X, will produce 5 Watts and 10 Watts of electricity respectively. Made from anodized aluminum, the PowerPot V will hold 1.4 L of water. The whole pot system weighs around 12 oz., so only a few ounces more than a regular aluminum backpacking pot. The PowerPot X is about the size and weight of a typical kitchen cooking pot. 

The outdoor cooking pots generate enough power to charge two handheld devices, such as phones, mp3 players, LED lights, or headlamps, at one time. The PowerPot X will produce enough power to charge your iPad or other tablets. Around 60-90 minutes is required to fully recharge your device so if you are using a fuel stove, you might want to think about the extra fuel required. 

For a $125 pledge over on Kickstarter, you can pre-order your own PowerPot V. The backpacking pot comes with the bowl/lid, USB charger cable, 1800 mAh USB battery, and a 5 LED USB light. Expected ship date is July 2012. 


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