TANGAROO Converts Bike Into Family Tandem

Tangaroo Family Tandem

German company GoroVeloTech has created an accessory that turns your bike into a family tandem. Placing your child in front of you like a kangaroo, the TANGAROO makes the ride more enjoyable for your child as well as puts you in the position of cycling instructor. 

Your child can enjoy sitting in the front with an unobstructed view of the action and also help you pedal at the same time. Although both you and your child provide the power to move forward, only you can steer and brake. You will still be able to easily steer the family tandem with one hand so that you can signal for turns or take a drink of water.

Your child's driving gear has its own free wheel and is equipped with a gear change lever. The TANGAROO is available in a three speed hub gear or a six speed derailleur. With the ability to switch their own gears as you ride, your child will quickly learn which speed to use and when. 

The TANGAROO is designed for children between three and eight years old and can support up to 66 lbs. Your child is secured to the TANGAROO seat by a 5-point seat belt so they won't fall out in the event of a sudden stop. 

Installing the TANGAROO on your bike is straight forward for those with a little bike knowledge or can be done at your local bike retailer. Contact the company directly for details if you are interested in creating your own family tandem with the TANGAROO. 

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