Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Packs

Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Packs

Looks as though a new hydration pack company based in Ogden has formed around the Pressure Pak or OGWA pressurized hydration technology. Geigerrig transforms a traditional hydration bladder into a spraying hydration system. You can now spray water to drink, cool yourself off, share with your dog or hose down your bike. 

The OGWA hydration bladder includes two chambers, one for the pressurized air and one for water. By squeezing the Power Bulb, you add the desired amount of air pressure to the outer chamber. The Power Bulb sits on your left shoulder strap so you can easily add more pressure as you drink down the contents of your hydration bladder. 

Geigerrig pressurized hydration bladder

With Geigerrig's pressurized hydration system, all you have to do is bite down on the valve for a continuous and forceful spray of water. Geigerrig claims that people who use their packs during activity report that they drink 30% more water than they do using a standard, un-pressurized hydration system. 

The hydration bladder includes an in-line filtration system that filters water in the reservoir as it travels through the drinking tube on its way to the bite valve. So now you can refill your hydration bladder in the backcountry without having to worry about the nasties. A slide seal on top gives the bladder a very large opening which makes it easy to fill and clean. 

The Geigerrig ballistic nylon packs come in three different sizes from 700 cubic inches to 1600 cu inches. The packs include an iPod ready compartment with a stowable, padded hip belt.  Eco Rig Back Pads and Air Drive Ventilation help to keep your back cool while hiking on those hot summer days. 

The Geigerrig pressurized hydration packs retail for $110 for the RIG 700 to $140 for the RIG 1600 and can be purchased from the company website. 

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