CamelBak’s New Antidote Hydration Reservoir

CamelBak's Antidote Reservoir

Attendees at last week's PressCamp got the first look at some of CamelBak's new products for 2011. For next year, CamelBak has completely redesigned their hydration reservoir, calling it the Antidote. The new reservoir will now fit better into your pack, will be easier to use and maintain and offer some great new features. 

The Antidote hydration reservoir has a baffle down the center, reducing its stack height versus the Omega by 24%. CamelBak took a new approach to the fill port as well after many customer complaints that it was too hard to open and seal shut. To open the new fill port, you now just need to make a quarter turn and it pops open. A quarter turn back and the cap locks shut.  

The Antidote fill port has an increased diameter, making it the widest of all hydration reservoirs on the market today. CamelBak reduced the stack height of the fill port itself as well, helping it to fit inside packs or wearable hydration vests and making it 19% lighter. 

One of the most useful features on the new Antidote hydration reservoir is the inclusion of dryer arms made out of the same material as the arms on your sunglasses. The dryer arms snap open and closed from around the fill port and keep your reservoir open as it dries. No more mold and mildew in your reservoir! 

An extremely useful new feature on the Antidote is the QuickLink tube quick disconnect. You can now snap your drinking tube in and out for easier filling and cleaning. This also lets you swap out various accessories as you need them such as tubes with pre-installed Flow Meters that track how much you drink, insulated drinking tubes or the brand new Inline Taste Filter- a carbon filter that enables you to drink freshly filtered water on the go.  

The Antidote will be available in October and come in 100 oz (3L) and 70 oz (2L) sizes. I look forward to checking these out in person at the OutDoor show in a couple of weeks and Outdoor Retailer in August. 

Check out Seth Beiden from CamelBak showing off the Antidote hydration reservoir as well as some of their new packs for 2011, courtesy of Mtbr

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