MuleBar All Natural Energy Bars

MuleBar all natural energy bars

At the OutDoor Show in Germany last week, I met Alex and Jimmy, the founders of energy bar company MuleBar.  These all natural energy bars come is such unique flavor combinations and are so tasty, you will be eating them even while not training.

The idea for MuleBar started when Alex and Jimmy were climbing Aconcagua. The two climbers were having problems with their stomachs and finding food that would easily digest at altitude (I feel your pain!). 

Once they returned home, the pair set out to create an energy bar packed with ingredients that were left the way nature intended them to be. A picture of a mule and gaucho taken on the Aconcagua trip inspired the name of the energy bars and the logo the company now uses. 

MuleBar energy bars are made from 100% natural ingredients with no nasty additives or preservatives. The company goes organic and Fairtrade wherever possible with ingredients that include rice syrup, fruits such as mango, apricot, and apples, coconut, walnuts and rolled oats. 

The energy bars range in flavors from the more obscure Liquorice to the very British Summer Pudding. MuleBars come in the standard 65g size or in a 30g bite size. The standard energy bar will give you roughly 210-270 calories of fuel depending on the flavor and the bite size around 110 calories. 

I have been testing out a pack of MuleBar energy bars that Alex gave me at the show. The bars are very moist, meaning easy to eat, and I absolutely love the taste. You aren't left with that artificial aftertaste in your mouth that some other energy bars deliver. 

The MuleBars seem to offer a nice combination of quick and long term energy, enabling me to get up those big hill climbs without crashing on the way back down (a major problem I have with energy gels). One downside is the bars do freeze so for those alpine climbs, make sure you store them in an inner pocket. 

You can order packs of MuleBar energy bars online or from numerous stockists across the globe. 

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