Feather Light Swiss Outdoor Knife

Outdoor accessory company Swiss Advance has added a feather light outdoor knife to their repertoire of stylish outdoor cooking utensils such as salt and pepper shakers and classic water bottles. Weighing only 14 grams and measuring just 10 cm, this outdoor knife is so light and thin, you will hardly know it is there. 

The knife blade slides out of the colorful protective cover by pushing down on the "Hold" button. To keep the blade out while cutting, you continually press down on that same button. For additional safety, the outdoor knife is blunted at the top end to keep you or others from accidentally getting hurt. 

Swiss Advance feather light outdoor knife

The knife blade is made from stainless Solingen Steel and cuts extremely well. The outdoor knife will easily peel apples or cut through that mountain salami. The plastic handle is made from a BPA-free material.  

The Swiss Advance feather light outdoor knife is simple and useful enough for all of you ultralight hikers or for anyone looking to add some colorful style to their camp cooking. 

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