The Skyver Downhill Mountain Scooter

Skyver downhill mountain scooter

Looks as though the Bergmonch downhill mountain scooter has finally found some competition. New German company Skyver has created their own version of the downhill mountain scooter, enabling you to spend more time hiking up hill and saving your knees by rolling back down.

You can now hike further up the mountain and enjoy that late afternoon lunch at the mountain hut without having to worry about making it all the way downhill before dark. Lightweight with a small fold up size, you can easily and comfortably carry your mountain scooter up the trail with you in any backpack.

Once at the top of the mountain, the Skyver can be put together in three easy steps. In less than a minute, you will be rolling down towards to valley floor and your knees will be thanking you the entire way.

The Skyver mountain scooter is made from a simple but efficient construction. No bike seat is required with the geometrical scooter concept and the seat removal significantly cuts down on weight. Robust and technically uncomplicated, the mountain scooter will not break down on the trail.

The mountain scooter gives you optimal driving control with downhill riding characteristics. On flat routes, the Skyver is ridden like a normal scooter rolling along. Thick (180 mm) disc brakes give you good braking control for the descent. The pedal arm can be adjusted up and down for your height and the fold out foot rests can be adjusted to your desired angle as well.

The Skyver mountain scooter comes in four models depending on usage type. The SUMMIT (weighing less than 15 lbs) and KIBO are used as basic knee-jarring relief from hiking downhill. The CROSS-X and ROCK on the other hand are built for those real freestyle and downhill mountain bike riders. The FREESOLO even allows you to create your own custom model.

With a powder-coated aluminum frame, the Skyver is protected against stone chipping and given maximum stability to weight ratio. The SUMMIT and KIBO feature a 16″ rear tire and 20″ front tire with very low rolling drag. The CROSS and ROCK feature 20″ or 24″ rough-textured front and rear tires.

The Skyver downhill mountain scooters are currently being sold at various retailers across Europe. The company is looking for dealers in North America so all you bike dealers out there- give them a call.

I seriously need to get one of these.

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