Mountain Scooter Lets Your Dog Do The Work

Xplora Mountain Scooter

If you have a dog that needs a ton of exercise, the new Xplora mountain scooter might just be the answer to your prayers. Highly maneuverable and dog friendly, the Xplora delivers a great adventure experience for both you and your dog.

Your dog hooks up to the front of the Xplora via the connecting loops on the brushbow. The brushbow’s unique design provides the optimum pulling position for your dog and ensures the leash or gang line stays clear of the front wheel and brakes. The piece is also removable in the event you want to take the mountain scooter out for a ride yourself.

Xplora Mountain Scooter

The aluminum mountain scooter is lightweight and compact, yet offers plenty of ground clearance to ride over all kinds of terrain. The foot plate is 5.5″ wide, giving you just enough room to stand with your feet side by side or comfortably with one foot in front of the other.

An unobtrusive canvas bag tucks into the brushbow, handy for storing dog treats, keys, GPS, maps, cell phone or anything else you may need on the trail. A bottle cage is attached to the frame to carry water for you and your dog.

An aggressive 24″ front tire and 20″ back tire help keep you stable on the trail, while the rear wheel mudguard protects you from flying dirt on those muddy spring trails. During the winter, you can replace the tires with studded ones for use on snow and ice.

The Xplora mountain scooter comes in four colors: silver, copper, blue and black and retails for $520 from Pawtrek. For those of you in Europe, the Xplora retails for £290 or €332 and can be purchased from the company’s UK website Tufftrail.

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