Ortovox Mountainskyver Downhill Mountain Scooter

Ortovox Downhill Mountain Scooter

The downhill mountain scooter trend seems to be catching on. Two years ago, the Bergmonch first arrived on the scene, quickly followed by the Mountainskyver. Now Ortovox has teamed up with the latter to create their own line of downhill mountain scooters. Soon, endless knee destroying descents may be a thing of the past.

The Ortovox Mountainskyver comes in three varieties: Trail, Speed, and Race. Trail is the base model in the downhill mountain scooter collection, featuring a high-quality aluminum frame. A 65 mm single arch spring fork works together with a 6 mm elastomer damper to level out rough terrain and give you a comfortable, smooth ride down.

Mechanical disc brakes for both the front and back wheel provide a high level of security on steep hills or sharp turns. Weighing just 8.8 kg, the downhill mountain scooter will not create an overbearing load for your hike up the mountain.

A 24″ wheel can replace the standard 20″ front wheel to give you better off-road performance. The downhill mountain scooters come in one frame size, but the pedal arm and handlebar height are adjustable to accommodate everyone.

The Race is the lightest aluminum model in the Mountainskyver collection, achieved by replacing the heavier spring fork with a light, fixed fork. Everything else on the downhill mountain scooter is the same. The Speed is the top model from Ortovox, weighing just 7.6 kg and featuring a carbon frame. Even with a light fixed fork, the carbon frame shields you from much of the trail impact.

Ortovox Trail Rider 20

Ortovox has also created a specially designed backpack for hauling your Mountainskyver up to the summit. The Trail Rider 20 is compatible with all models and features a special wheel bag housing for the front wheel, with a rear compartment for stowing your folded up mountain scooter.

The backpack has 20 L of additional space for the rest of your gear, water, and food needs for the day. Handy details include two pole attachments, a helmet net on the front of the pack, and a tool compartment with pump attachment.

The Ortovox Mountainskyver Race and Trail models are currently available across Europe, with the Speed model arriving in 2012. The downhill mountain scooters are slated to arrive in North America in the near future.

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