Bring On Winter: Climbing Harness Built For Ice And Mixed

Arc'teryx M-270 ice climbing harness

For Spring 2012, Arc'teryx has added two new exciting climbing harnesses to their collection. Specially designed for ice and mixed climbing, the M-270 and the I-340a marry the best of Arc'teryx harness technology with sport specific details to create one outstanding package.

The M-270 is designed for all day mixed climbing comfort. Wide, expandable leg loops offer plenty of room for all those winter layers and won't restrict your mobility. The leg loops are made from a mesh material to offer some breathability, yet remain supportive. 

The mixed climbing harness features two large gear loops for your draws and 15 (yes 15!) ice clipper slots. Super lightweight at only 270 grams, this harness won't stop you from making those precarious and precise moves. The M-270 mixed climbing harness retails for €120 (~$170). 

The I-340a is the ice climber's dream harness. A durable tie in point adds critical strength, while the leg loops are patterned to fit comfortably during those endless hanging belays. Fourteen different ice clipper slots give you plenty of options for racking your ice screws and clipping your tools. The I-340a ice climbing harness weighs 340 grams and retails for €160 (~$230). 

Both new climbing harnesses feature Arc'teryx's Warp Strength Technology. Doing away with edge construction and bulky foam padding, warp yarns are repackaged into a single wide piece, distributing the load evenly across the entire belt. This enables the harness to be thinner, lighter, more flexible and ultimately more comfortable. 


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