Climbing Shorts With Built In Harness

Mammut Realization climbing shorts

No more pulling up to the crag only to realize you forgot your harness miles back at the car or worse yet, at home. Mammut has taken one more item off your climbing gear list by integrating a harness directly into your climbing shorts. Simply throw on your shoes, rope up and off you go.

Barely visible from the outside, the Mammut Realization climbing shorts feature a fully integrated, load-bearing climbing harness structure inside. Taking the best of the high-tech Zephir harness construction, the hip belt and leg loops are made from Mammut’s Split Webbing technology, ensuring all day comfort.

Two specially designed loops at the front of the climbing shorts are used to tie in and belay your partner. Gear loops on each side provide plenty of racking space for your quickdraws. Two hidden side pockets and two seat pockets can house your snacks, phone or camera. A tiny pocket on the right leg is designed to hold a small brush for any necessary route cleaning.

Made from a lightweight, stretchy material, the Realization climbing shorts won’t hold you back on your sends. You will even look cool enough in these shorts that you may be forgiven for not taking off your harness before heading to the bar post climb.

Mammut Refine climbing skort

Don’t worry ladies, to add some feminine flair to the crag or gym, Mammut has created the Refine climbing skort for us. Made from antimicrobial treated high-stretch fabric, the flared and pleated short skirt conceals both fitted shorts and your harness leg loops beneath. A wide waistband on the climbing skort accommodates your harness hip belt, while a hidden stash pocket holds your keys or post climb beer money.

Both the Mammut Realization climbing shorts and Refine climbing skort will be available next March/April 2012.

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