Camping Stoves Go Titanium

Primus OmniLite Ti

Joining the ranks of the Jetboil Sol Titanium, Primus has updated their popular OmniFuel camping stove with titanium to create the new OmniLite Ti. Known for its high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance, titanium is the new go to material for light and durable backcountry gear. 

Weighing just 239 grams, the windscreen, legs, and pot supports of the Primus OmniLite Ti are all made of titanium. The burner was designed to work with heat exchanger pots such as the Primus Eta Pots, optimizing heat output and delivering lower fuel requirements. 

A reduced distance between the nozzle and flame spreader creates a strong flame and less heat loss at the sides of the stove. As in other Primus camping stoves, the OmniLite Ti still burns virtually every kind of fuel: liquid gas, petrol, paraffin/kerosene, aviation fuel and even diesel.

Jetboil Sumo Ti

Fans of the new Jetboil Sol Titanium camping stove will be extremely excited to hear the company is releasing a Sumo Titanium group cooking version. Featuring a 1.8 L titanium FluxRing cooking vessel and weighing just 10 oz, the Sumo Titanium is perfect for all your backcountry group or expedition cooking needs from melting snow to simmering pasta. The Sumo Titanium supports a number of packing configurations and will even house your entire Jetboil Sol Titanium, including fuel, inside.

The Primus OmniLite Ti camping stove will be available February 2012 and retail for €199.95. 

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