Klymit Ultralight Camping Pads Now Available Down Under

By Don Jurries

The innovative and ultralight series of camping pads, from American company Klymit, are finally available Down Under. The Inertia XL and the Inertia X Frame camping pads will help significantly lighten your trekking or climbing load, without sacrificing on comfort. 

Klymit's Inertia X Frame weighs just 9.1 ounces, making it the world's lightest and most compact camping pad available. Designed through the use of body mapping research, Klymit's Loft Pocket technology cuts out regions of the camping pad where you don't need the support, reducing weight and pack size. These open areas allow the insulation in your sleeping bag to maintain loft and therefore add warmth beneath your body. 

The Inertia XL (pictured above) offers a larger support area and accommodates more body shapes and sizes. At 16.8 ounces, the Inertia XL utilizes the same Loft Pocket technology as the Inertia X Frame, remaining lightweight and compact. With an integrated head cradle pillow, the Inertia XL is the ultimate camping pad for those looking for a little more comfort and support in a small and lightweight package. 

Klymit’s Inertia series of camping pads are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by the Overland Group based in Melbourne. The Inertia X Frame retails for A$229 and the Inertia XL for A$249. Both camping pads are available at a number of retail outlets including Bogong Equipment (Melbourne), Kellys Base Camp (Sydney), Backpacking Light (Melbourne) and Trek 'n' Travel (Sydney).

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