Portable Air Pump For Your Outdoor Adventures

Max Pump

Whether it’s camping pads in the backcountry or inflatable paddleboards at the beach, inflating your gear by hand (or your lungs!) can be a lot of work. The rechargeable battery-powered Max Pump from FlexTail saves you from all that agony while being small and light enough to fit in your pack.

The Max Pump weighs only 149 grams, is smaller than a Coke can, and can operate for up to 90 minutes. All you have to do is connect the nozzle, open the switch, and let the pump do the work. The pump also works to fully extract air out of your camping pad for quick and tight storage the next morning (or to vacuum pack your clothes before travel to make more room in your suitcase).

It looks like the Max Pump comes with three different nozzles to fit most inflatables. The key for the outdoor set will be the standard nozzle used on camping pads and pillows. You may need an adapter for your specific brand of SUP but most boards comes with an adapter to fit an electric pump anyway.

FlexTail claims that the flow rate of the rechargeable pump can reach 21.9 M/s — this will inflate your gear pretty quickly with plenty of psi for a camping pad but not sure if it offers enough pressure for an SUP though it would be interesting to test it out. The key application for me would be high altitude camping. There is nothing worse than trying to blow up your camping pad at altitude and getting it back in your pack the next morning with frozen hands. Though is it worth the extra weight….

You can pre-order your Max Pump for $19 over on Indiegogo–expected delivery is in August. You get to choose between three different colors: white, gray and orange ($3 more).

Even if you don’t want to buy the pump, the product video is worth a watch as it’s pretty funny. “With that money you could take your girlfriend to the movies, twice.” Someone needs to get them a gimbal though….

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