SipaBoards Air Self-Inflating SUP

SipaBoards AIR

Last year, Slovenia company SipaBoards introduced the first SUP with integrated jet-propulsion system. This year, the company follows up that award winning design with a self-inflating SUP. Using a built-in compressor and automatic gauge, the inflatable SUP does all the work for you. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to hit the water.

I am all for inflatable SUPs simply for the ease of storage and transport, but pumping them up once you get to the water is a ton of work. Not to mention never knowing if you hit the right pressure without the use of a separate gauge and thus having to compromise your experience because of an under inflated board.

With the SipaBoards Air, watch as your SUP pumps itself up to the perfect pressure in under 5 minutes. At the heart of every SipaBoards Air is the SipaAir compressor that doubles as a standard fin box and is built in right where the inflation valve on a normal SUP would sit. It is powered by a removable and rechargeable battery that slides right into its slot in the pump. Simply activate the switch to start self-inflation–the switch is magnetic so that the SipaAir compressor stays waterproof, with no external contacts. You can inflate your board several times from one charge and when you’re done paddling, simply let the air out of your board and fold it up.

SipaBoards Air

The SipaBoards Air comes in three styles–All Rounder, Cruiser, and Balance–based on your goals, style, and skill level as a paddleboarder. All models are made of the same ultra-durable drop-stitch technology, dual layers, and reinforced rail sides. The only difference between them is size, shape, and volume.

SipaBoards is taking pre-orders for the SipaBoards Air self-inflating SUPs over on Kickstarter. Some of the packages come with a collapsible carbon fiber paddle, board bag for easy transport, even on a bike, and a safety leash for use on the water and as a carrying strap. Right now, $940 is the best early bird price for the board of your choice. I definitely want to try one of these out.

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