An Inflatable Vacuum-Packed Surfboard

Tripstix SUP

Three river surfers from Munich wanted a surfboard they could easily transport through the city but without skimping on performance in the water. In order to bridge the gap between inflatable and hard surfboards, the team invented a new technology which allowed them to build an inflatable, vacuum-packed surfboard which can be rolled up and carried in a small backpack.

Using an innovative technology called VacuuAir, Tripstix is able to create a board that turns hard when inflated with portions deflated using a vacuum pump. Instead of a using single inflatable cavity with even thickness throughout the board, multiple sized high-pressure chambers help define the shape of the board. Certain chambers are further filled with a granule that provides incredible stiffness once the vacuum is applied–think vacuum packed coffee.

The combination of exact shape and extra stiffness creates an overall better performing inflatable board. Sharp rails, delicate nose and tail, concave hull and balanced rocker lines are now possible in an inflatable. And even if punctured, the Tripstix boards will continue to float.

Board setup is fast (under 3 minutes) and easy. First, inflate the air chambers with the included pump inserted in the inflation valve. Second, turn the hose of the pump into deflation mode and insert it in the vacuum valve. Then suck the air out by pumping about 8 times. Third, go shred.

The company is currently looking to build three different board models–the Allround, Wave, and Race. The 10-foot Allround weighs around 11 kgs (24 lbs) and works in any type of conditions– in waves, on rivers and lakes. The short but stable Wave is 8 feet 2 inches long and not only performs well in the ocean, but also on fast moving rivers.

The Tripstix inflatable surfboards and SUPs will be available Spring 2017.

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