Ultralight Sleeping Pads Help You Go Fast And Light

ultralight sleeping pads

Both Exped and Klymit have ultralight sleeping pads in the works for your fast and light adventures next Spring 2011. You no longer need to go hard core and ditch your sleeping pad altogether or make do with only bubble wrap as these new sleeping pads pack down to the size and weight of a couple of apples.

The new SynMat 7 UL from Exped gives you exceptional comfort and warmth at minimal weight. With an R-Value of 3.5 and 7 cm of air between you and the ground, this ultralight sleeping pad weighs 440 g or roughly 15.5 oz and rolls up to the size of a 1/2 liter water bottle. 

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Klymit takes the ultralight sleeping pad a step further with the Inertia X Frame. By using body mapping to provide support only where you need it, the sleeping pad cuts down on unnecessary weight and maximizes packability while still ensuring you stay comfortable. 

Similar to Therm-a-Rest's thinking with their new Alpine Down Blanket, the open pockets in the Inertia X Frame allow your sleeping bag insulation to loft beneath you. This eliminates heat loss and effectively captures convective body heat within the dead air space. You can even pump up the pad with Klymit's argon gas for added insulation. 

Klymit's ultralight sleeping pad weighs a mere 9.1 oz and packs down to a size smaller than a soda can. The Inertia X Frame will be available for Spring 2011 and retail for $99.95.


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