X-Over Bag Takes You From Extreme Sport To City

X-Over Bag

German company X-Over has developed the ultimate everyday bag that can take you from the outdoors, climbing or mountain biking, straight to the city. With an X-shaped strap system, the X-Over bag creates a secure and balanced load while giving you complete freedom of movement. 

The X-Over bag comes in a multitude of colors and fabrics including ripstop nylon and nubuck suede. The fabric is coated 2-4 times with a durable water repellent finish to keep your gear dry on a rainy day. This everyday bag has a durable, waterproof neoprene bottom to protect your stuff from the wet and dirty ground.

A heavy duty aluminum buckle keeps the flap securely shut on your X-Over bag but you can gain quick access to all your belongings through a zipper on top of the flap. A top secret zippered pocket at the back of the bag is perfect for storing all of your valuables. A mesh pocket on the outside of the bag is convenient for stowing your water bottle or energy bar. 

X-Over Bag

The company's patented cross-pack system enables you to carry the X-Over bag in three different styles. The casual over one shoulder style is perfect for walking around town. By connecting the lower half of the cross strap, you can add stability for your bike commute or scramble over the rocks. Finally, by connecting the top half of the cross strap as well, you gain extreme stability for those high action situations such as downhill mountain biking. 

The company is currently setting up their online store but you can fill out their order form and order your X-Over bag direct. For those of you who happen to live in Germany or Austria, there are plenty of stores that carry the X-Over bag. Prices range from €40 to €100 depending on style of bag and fabric choice.  

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