New Backcountry Stoves For 2015

Jetboil Flash Lite

Even though the majority of gear on show was snow sports related, there was still plenty of new stove and stove updates at Outdoor Retailer last week. The trend is definitely toward lighter and smaller stoves for those that may care more about weight and space than gourmet cooking in the backcountry.

For 2015, Jetboil trims down the über popular Flash stove that you have come to know and love. The new Flash Lite ($99) weighs 11 ounces (3 ounces less than the 14 ounce Flash)–the team cut weight by using less metal in the stove base, lightening up the handle and lid, and down sizing the pot from 1-liter to 0.8-liter. I can hear all you thru-hikers swooning as we speak.


Flamestower had a new emergency “stove” on show–the Candle Charger ($75). The tiny stove can not only boil water using heat from a candle or Sterno can, but will also fully charge your smartphone up to twice in one sitting. While you can use the boiled water from the Candle Charger to make coffee or hot cocoa, this emergency preparedness tool is not meant for cooking.

Primus Express Spider

The updated Express Spider II from Primus is one of the lightest hose-mounted gas stoves available on the market, weighing in at 200 grams (7 ounces). New pot supports lock securely in the unfolded position and keep the stove’s center of gravity low to the ground for added stability. The redesign also allows for a tighter fold making the stove more compact when stuffed away in your pack.

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