Altra Halo Running Shoe Analyzes Your Form

Altra Halo Sensor

Numerous tech companies have tried to create wearables that closely analyze your running form, but none have really succeeded. Until now. Natural running shoe company Altra Running teamed up with sensor company iFit to create a shoe that not only analyzes your form, but gives you real-time feedback as you run.

Most of us have our running gait analyzed once in our lives, if at all. From there, we label ourselves as neutral, over- or under-pronators and choose shoes accordingly, assuming we will run the same for the rest of our career. But what if you could get constant feedback on your form and be given tips on how to adjust it as you run in order to ditch potentially bad or injury prone habits?

The Altra Halo features a razor-thin electronic sensor from iFit that runs the full length of and is built directly into the midsole. The sensor constantly monitors three important elements of proper running form–foot strike zone, cadence, and ground force impact. This data is then sent to either an app on your phone or one of the iFit GPS watch accessories (Peak and Ridge models will be compatible) where you can view it in real time and choose audio and visual feedback advice on how to improve your form.

Utah based Altra Running is all about creating products that enhance your natural running gait. Their running shoes feature a FootShape Toe Box that lets your toes relax and spread out naturally for more speed and stability. All Altra shoes are also built on a zero drop platform with varying levels of cushioning to encourage low-impact landing with a bent knee and soft foot strike.

The Altra Halo shoe will be available late 2015 with a price of $180. The iFit Ridge and Peak watches will be available starting July 1, 2015 at a price of $120.

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