Sneak Peek: Climbing Hardware Fall 2015

Petzl Adjust

I found some fun new climbing hardware on show at Outdoor Retailer last week. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the pieces. I will follow up with boots, harnesses, and packs over the coming days.

Petzl released a line of personal anchor systems to try and combat the problem of those who currently use daisy chains incorrectly and also to offer a more dynamic versus static solution–dynamic is less likely to fail (or ruin the anchor) in case you should fall on it when clipped in.

Petzl Connect Adjust

For sport climbing when you need to clean the anchor at the top of a climb, the Connect Adjust comes in handy as a single positioning lanyard with adjustable rope arm. Girth hitched through your belay loop, the Adjust ascender’s ergonomic shape offers quick, precise adjustment through a simple pull on the rope, and unlocks by pushing down on the one side of the ascender with your thumb. As the other end of the rope is permanently knotted, there is no risk of you falling through the ascender. A rubber ring holds the carabiner in position, facilitating clipping.

Petzl Dual Connect Adjust

The Dual Connect Adjust lanyard is a double positioning lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm. The adjustable arm can be set to the ideal length for rappel maneuvers, clipping in on multi-pitch routes, mountaineering, or when moving along a fixed line in canyoneering. The fixed arm can be used to extend your belay device on rappel.

Petzl RAD System

Also from Petzl is the RAD (Rescue and Descent) System– this complete, ultralight, and compact kit allows skiers on mountain terrain to always have the equipment necessary for crevasse rescue, rappelling, or roping up on skis to traverse a crevasse zone. This kit contains a storage bag, 30 meters of RAD Line 6 mm specific cordage, carabiners, ascenders, and a sling.

Black Diamond Viper

In addition to the Snaggletooth Crampons that won our Innovation Award this year, Black Diamond completely redesigned the classic Viper ice tool. The tool now features a hydroformed aluminum shaft from a single piece of aluminum for a lighter feel, superior swing, and better handling, while also including an adjustable FlickLock pommel that you can adjust according to the grip you need on various terrain.

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