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Jetboil Genesis and MicroMo Cooking Systems

Jetboil Genesis

Looking to up the gourmet level of your trail side cooking, Jetboil adds the Genesis base camp system that enables you to quickly whip up virtually any type of meal. The two burner system folds open so you can fry on one side while boiling on the other, all with exceptional simmer control.

Jetboil MiniMo Review

Jetboil MiniMo

Most personal cooking systems are about simply boiling water to rehydrate your backpacker meals or make a cup of coffee. With the new MiniMo stove design, Jetboil actually delivers the ability to simmer. So now you can get a bit more creative with your backcountry meal planning.

MSR WindBoiler Stove

MSR WindBoiler Stove

MSR’s new WindBoiler stove make use of the radiant burner system from the Reactor stove and adds on a bunch of backpacker friendly features. The new personal cooking system is easy to use, offers quick boil times, and high-efficiency in less than ideal conditions.

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