MSR WindBoiler Stove

MSR WindBoiler Stove

MSR’s new WindBoiler stove make use of the radiant burner system from the Reactor stove and adds on a bunch of backpacker friendly features. The new personal cooking system is easy to use, offers quick boil times, and high-efficiency in less than ideal conditions.

The Reactor, originally built with the alpinist in mind, was MSR’s first stove to make use of the radiant burner system. Radiant burners use a porous material to mix fuel and house the flame. The resulting burner produces both convective and radiant heat. So, how does it work?

When the stove is operating, gas travels from the canister, through a pressure regulator, to two jets that inject the fuel into a cavity under the porous material shaped in a disc. Here, the fuel mixes with air and flows through the pores in the disc. Ignition occurs in the upper level and at the surface of the disc, spreading the flame evenly and creating broad, consistent heating. Flame temperatures reach 3600°F and the protective mesh above the disc reaches 1600°F.

The stove requires a heat exchanger to effectively harness the power of the radiant burner, built into all Reactor (and now WindBoiler) cookware. The large surface area of the heat exchanger allows efficient transfer of both convective heat and radiant light energy from the burner.

The biggest performance advantage comes from the control and management of airflow. The burner operates on 100% primary air, pulling all the air it needs through ports on either side of the flame control knob. All air and fuel mixing occurs inside the stove, allowing the flame to be completely enclosed and protected from wind with the integrated heat exchanger. This construction makes the radiant burner far more resistant to wind than a conventional burner. Combined with the broad, evenly dispersed flame, it also makes the flame difficult to blow out, even when the pot is removed.

The WindBoiler takes this radiant burner system and superior wind protection of the Reactor and makes it a bit more convenient and compact for weekend backpackers (weighs 15.2 ounces). MSR claims that the WindBoiler will boil 0.5L of water a minute faster than the leading competition in a light breeze. In a 12-mph wind, water boils in 2:45 min., while others supposedly fail to boil, no matter the amount of fuel used.

The WindBoiler adds an insulated cozy and handle so you can grab on to the pot. The compact pot simply twists onto the burner for a secure, non-slip fit. The integrated full-size bowl allows you to cook and serve enough food for one to two people. The WindBoiler’s clear BPA-free lid features a strainer, a drinking lid, and is coffee press compatible.

The WindBoiler stove collection includes a bunch of add-on accessories, such as the WindBoiler 1.0L Accessory Pot, WindBoiler Coffee Press Kit, and the WindBoiler Hanging Kit.

The new MSR WindBoiler  ($130) personal cooking system and accessories will start shipping in October.

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