Dog First Aid Kits For The Outdoors

Dog First Aid Kit

Knowing that many of us adventure in the outdoors with our furry friend in tow, Adventure Medical Kits created the new Adventure Dog Series. Including a range of medical kits and cleansing wipes designed specifically for your dog, you can now feel a bit more confident in helping your pet if he or she should get into trouble on the trail.

The Me & My Dog Kit ($50) provides first aid solutions for both you and your dog. The kit includes AMK’s 4th Edition Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine, as well as a field manual for pet first aid. These two guides outline how to use the various components inside the kit to treat you, another person, or your dog when you are deep in the backcountry.

This particular kit also includes a SOL Emergency Blanket, emergency leash, self-adhering elastic bandage that won’t stick to your dog’s hair, hydrogen peroxide, and other basic first aid essentials.

The more dog specific Trail Dog Kit ($25) caters to the common injuries your dog might encounter on the trail, such as cut paws and run-ins with wildlife. An assortment of dressings, bandages, and splinter picker/tick remover should make quick work of any problem.

The lightweight and waterproof Adventure Dog Heeler Kit ($10) is quick and easy to throw in your pack, with essentials for removing ticks and thorns or patching up torn pads. A triangular bandage can be used as an emergency muzzle when administering first aid to your poor pooch who may not be so happy with the process.

As many of us dog owners know, our canine best friends really enjoy rolling in some nasty stuff for some reason. Dead skunk, anyone? Before you let them in your sleeping bag to snuggle up close at night, wipe them down with the Adventure Dog Bath Wipes ($3.50 per pack).

Ever since having to carry Lola out of the trail after she tore cruciate ligaments in both back knees, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about pet first aid. These medical kits will be a great addition to my backpack or even to keep in my car.

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