Workin’ Dog Adventure Medical Kit

Workin' Dog Medical Kit

As more and more of us bring our dogs on pretty much every outdoor adventure, it’s important to be ready for anything that can happen to both them and us. Building out their canine medial kit line, Adventure Medical Kits adds a new, veterinary-grade Workin’ Dog Kit for spring (April release date).

The Workin’ Dog Kit ($110) is designed for those who rely on their canine partners on the ranch or out in the field. The medical kit contains the information and veterinarian-grade supplies you need to deal with serious emergencies, complete with a field manual for pet first aid. This manual provides comprehensive medical information on how to use the kit’s components to treat an injured dog when far from veterinary care–let’s just hope you’re not squeamish.

Key components of the canine medical kit include: a Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket to treat shock and hypothermia, an LED headlamp for hands-free illumination, an emergency leash, an emergency cold pack for sprains, strains and heat exposure and a self-adhering elastic bandage that won’t stick to a dog’s hair. For serious cuts and wounds, the kit comes with hydrogen peroxide and 10 CC irrigation syringe for effectively cleaning wounds, as well as QuikClot Gauze and Hemostat forceps to stop bleeding fast. A disposable skin stapler closes serious wounds out in the field when you are far from medical care.

The Workin’ Dog Kit is the fourth product to join Adventure Medical Kits’ Adventure Dog Series. Carryover kits include the Me & My Dog Kit ($50) provides both human and canine medical solutions in one kit. The Trail Dog Kit ($25) is a dog-specific kit that caters to the types of injuries dogs encounter most on the trail – primarily to their paws. The most compact of the kits, the Adventure Dog Heeler Kit ($10) is a lightweight and waterproof kit that makes it easy to throw in a pack or human first aid kit–I usually bring this one along for Lola.

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