Headkayse Foldable Helmet

Headkayse folding helmet

What started with a challenge to create a better folding bike helmet, quickly led to the discovery of a completely new material–Enkayse–for use in helmet construction. The material is not only soft and flexible making the helmet more comfortable to wear, but it also allowed Headkayse to create a bike helmet that flattens and folds up to less than half its original size.

Unlike EPS foam, Enkayse uses a special combination of slow response and elasticity to absorb impact without permanent damage–this means you don’t have to throw your helmet away if you happen to crash your bike. Layered over the Enkayse material is an extremely tough outer protection that is tear proof and resistant to sharp objects. For those wondering about safety, Enkayse exceeds the requirements of the European cycle helmet standard (EN1078).

Clever use of materials means that Headkayse does not need to use any hinges or folding mechanisms to get the bike helmet to fold. It just folds up flat. The company claims that the bike helmet flattens by 70% to just around 0.4 inches or 5 centimeters wide, reducing in volume by 50% from 5 liters to 2.5 liters.

Folding bike helmet

Those with wonky shaped heads will be happy to know that the flexibility of the material along with the simple adjustment system design means one size helmet will fit any size and type of head–from children to adults. It even quickly adjusts to hats underneath.

The company is taking pre-orders through an Indiegogo campaign with expected delivery in July. For £75 or roughly $112, you can be one of the first to own the Headkayse multi-impact, folding bike helmet.

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