Closca Collapsible Bike Helmet

Closca foldable bike helmet

Folding bike helmets are nothing new, with unique designs currently available from both Dahon and Carrera. The new Closca bike helmet takes a collapsible approach to folding convenience and marries it with a more fashionable look to please even the most hipster of urban cyclist.

One of the biggest barriers to getting more people out on bikes in an urban setting is the helmet. For some people, it is not seen as fashionable or convenient to either wear a bike helmet or carry one around once at the intended destination, especially for those wanting to occasionally use the various city bike systems.

To get around this complaint, Closca has set out to design bike helmets that not only look cool when riding, but can collapse small to be thrown into a briefcase or bag. Shaped like a turtle shell, the helmet core scrunches down into a flat disc, reducing its volume by up to 50% or more.

Closca collapsible bike helmet

The safety certified bike helmet design uses three different parts of special EPP foam joined together with a cross strap system. These parts work together in the event of a crash, where one part can push against the others allowing for better shock absorption.

To ensure you look good wearing the bike helmet, Closca adds a variety of interchangeable cap and hat shaped helmet covers that follow the latest fashion trends and patterns. In the future, the company hopes to collaborate with clothing brands to create a variety of different looks.

To start, Closca will offer 6 bike helmet covers based on 2 different styles. You can also order a few special edition covers of leopard print, black animal print, or a 100% wool hat with ear flaps.

For a $70 pre-order over on Kickstarter, you can get your own Closca collapsible bike helmet, with an estimated delivery of October 2013.

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